New Design Recessed Troffer

New Design Recessed Troffer

Product Features:

-Solid structure as housing is made by high quality steel.

-Ease in maintenance as cleaning and replacement of components are all at the front of the troffer.

-A comfortable working environment can be achieved by producing uniform illumination through Nanowhite 88 coating and the special structure of lighting fixtures.

-Excellent performance in applying Nanowhite 88 with extra 30% energy saving comparing with fluorescent light.



-General Office, Meeting Room & Conference Room, Hospital & Health Care Homes, Classrooms & Libraries & School Halls, 24 Hours Convenience Stores, Supermarkets




電壓(V) :
AC 220V, 50-60Hz
平均壽命(hrs) :
>50000 Hrs
色溫 :
3000K & 4000K

Product Description



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